I offer a free 50 minute face to face consultation. This is an opportunity to discuss your hopes and fears about counselling and for us to establish if therapy will be helpful to you at this stage in your life.  It is important you feel comfortable with the idea of sharing  your thoughts and feelings in my company and that you understand you are not obliged to enter into counselling should you decide you are not ready.

If you wish to go ahead with counselling, we will agree on a regular time to meet and have an outline view of how many sessions of therapy would suit you. We are all individuals and if just one session is enough that is your decision to make or if you wish to continue indefinitely that is fine too; often the amount of sessions is left open-ended.

Counselling sessions traditionally take place weekly and I would recommend this way of working, but if an alternative arrangement is preferred we can always discuss what you feel is best during your consultation.